Yoga Club

Always wanted to have a yoga practice but didn’t feel like it was for you? I’m here to change all that. 

Yoga is for all bodies, especially yours.

Yoga ANyTime, anywhere.

I wanted to go to a yoga studio for the longest time.  I tried going. I put on my yoga pants and a long t-shirt. I drove to the nearest studio and watched everyone walk in. I was stuck. I couldn’t make myself get out of the car.

No one looked like me. I didn’t see any “curvy”, “fluffy” or “thicc” bodies walking through the door. The “lose weight fast” sign in the front sent a message that my body wasn’t acceptable. I didn’t want to lose weight. I wanted to be a healthier version of me.

I wasn’t always like this. My body changed. I discovered I had a chronic illness and was in pain every day. I stopped doing things like exercising. That plus my meds made me gain 30 lbs quickly.

I got tired of hiding myself and wanted to encourage other womxn to be free.

But HOW?

I decided to do yoga on my own terms and became a yoga teacher.

Yes….I can do yoga in my body, at my level of movement and in my own sexy way.

Guess what? If I can do yoga, you can too. That’s why I created the Yoga Club.

“I’m not brave. I’m just not ashamed.”

What do you get in the Yoga Club?

The Yoga Club is an interactive, monthly membership with supportive, likeminded womxn and a vault of online body positivity, self-acceptance, and yoga resources, including:

  • Exclusive, live workshops with me about loving your body, building confidence, and feeling sexy exactly the way you are.
  • Yoga videos that will teach yoga for all levels of ability and comfort.
  • Guided audio recordings of meditation, affirmations, and energy healing exercises.
  • Access to a members-only Facebook Lounge where you can get or give support.

All of the resources, tools, and techniques in the Yoga Club are designed to inspire and empower you to get moving and live your life unapologetically.


You Belong Here!

 Sign Up Today! Only $100 a month for access 24/7. 

You will receive an email with all your membership details within 24 business hours. 


You. Are. Worth. It. 

Yoga is for all bodies

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