Naked Yoga

Vulnerability. Beauty. Self Love 

Get Intimate with YOU.


One of the ways you can practice self love and acceptance is through naked yoga. This allows you to really FEEL and CONNECT to your body. I understand that this class isn’t for everyone. I’m taken every step I can to make everyone feel safe, protected and valued during these classes. 

There are two ways to attend naked yoga classes.

1. Group Classes for Womxn are held every Tuesday evening at 8:30 pm EST.  We meet via Zoom virtually.  Registration forms and special logins are emailed to you. Classes are $25 each or you can purchase a block of 4 for $75.

2. You can have a private yoga session with yourself or you can invite a few friends. 


You. Are. Worth. It. 

Yoga is for all bodies

Questions? Leave me a message below.

Virtual  Group Classes

On Demand Classes

Private Classes

In Your Home (Newark, NJ Area)